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Published on
Aug 8 2015

The Bookseller as Curator

Last week a post by the Ajitvikram Singh, the owner of Fact & Fiction, an indie bookstore owner in Delhi, about his decision to shut down his store, created a minor kerfuffle in our blogosphere / twittersphere (or at least in the cerebral regions of these). The post is here.  Link. The news itself, that […]

Published on
Jul 28 2015

Book Discovery Heats Up!

Book Discovery has had a terrific last few weeks. Clearly the highlight was the ‘it’ app / tech product discovery site Product Hunt’s expanding to books. Just before Product Hunt Books launched, Jordan Koschei launched fivefootshelf, a website devoted to curating essential reads by topic. And before that there was the Bookstck v Bookicious war (each curating entrepreneur-recommended […]