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About Pinax

What is Pinax?

Pinax is a listing of book recommendations by ‘experts’ – from inventors to business gurus, techgeeks to statesmen. All of these recommendations have been painfully curated and assembled in one place.

These recommendations are sorted within various ‘expert’ categories, on the left sidebar. Convinced that Elon Musk is the new Nikolai Tesla? Well, then find out what Musk’s favourite books are. Are you a fan of Yves Behar’s designs? Get to know the books that have influenced Behar’s design sense. Alternately, feel free to use the search button to quickly get to the recommender of your choice.

Each of the expert recommendations here has been manually aggregated and curated across various sites and sources, after several hours of research. And each recommendation is carefully considered – often, I cull out more than I include, especially when it comes to books recommended outside the experts’ domain – because I am aware that reading a book involves a significant commitment of time (and money) on your part.

What does Pinax mean?

The word Pinax is a singular form of Pinakes (from Greek for clay tablets), the term used by the Greek scholar Callimachus of Cyrene, for the index catalogues he created for the Library of Alexandria. This was the first-ever instance of a library catalogue or listing, and later became indispensible to scholars throughout the Mediterranean.

The original Pinakes listed almost all the essential writings of that time. Of course, the publishing industry was tiny those days! Today, as we drown in the volume of books published annually, we need more than ever a similar ‘list’ that can help us decide what is essential and worth reading. Pinax is that list.

Who is behind Pinax?

My name is Sajith Pai. I am based in Delhi, India. I work with The Times of India Group, India’s biggest media co, in a corporate strategy role.

In addition to Pinax, I spend a lot of my time thinking and writing about how digital technologies are impacting traditional media business models, the resulting opportunities and the economics underlying them. You can read these on sajithpai.com and on twitter, you can follow me @sajithpai. You can reach me via my email sp at pinax dot co.

This website was designed and developed by the team at Ajackus, a Mumbai-based creative studio. They have kept the design as non-intrusive as possible, focussing the spotlight squarely on books and the book discovery experience. For the typeface, they have used Effra, a distinctive sans-serif font designed by Fabio Haag & Jonas Schudel and released by the Dalton Maag foundry.

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